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Mixing & Mastering

Transform Your Tracks with Premium Mixing & Mastering – Sound Your Best

  • 1 h
  • From 50 Arubaanse gulden
  • Online

Service Description

How do you know which option you'll have to pay? The price is based on the amount of work. These are the 3 options: Standard | 50 Florin (fl) - Main Vocal (1 Bus) - Double of the Main Vocal (1 Bus) - 1 Full Lenght Add-Lib Track (1 Bus) Standard+ | 75 Florin (fl) - Main Vocal (1 Bus) - Double of the Main Vocal (1 Bus) - 2 Full Lenght Add-Lib Tracks (2 Busses) - Harmonies (Up to 4 Busses) Advanced | 100 Florin (fl) - Unlimited Vocal Tracks (Unlimited Busses) What is Mixing? Mixing is the process that takes place after recording your tracks. Here's what we do during mixing: - Compress Vocals/Beat: To ensure a balanced and consistent sound level. - Equalize (EQ) Vocals/Beat: For optimal tonal balance. - De-ess Vocals/Beat: To reduce harsh sibilance (like 's' sounds). - Pitch Correction: For fine-tuning vocal pitch. - Noise Removal: We aim to eliminate inhalings and background noises where possible. - Additional Techniques: Based on the needs of your track, we employ various other mixing techniques to enhance your recording. What is Mastering? -Mastering is the final step before your music is ready for distribution, whether on CD, vinyl, or online platforms. This process is about polishing and optimizing the mix for the best possible presentation. It's important to understand that mastering is not a fix for a poor mix; it's about elevating a good mix to its highest potential. Duration: Up to 3 Hours Remember: Good mastering starts with a good mix. Ensure your tracks are well-recorded and mixed to the best of your ability before submission. Our goal is to enhance and refine your mix, preparing it for listeners everywhere.

Contact Details

+297 562-0110

DAMON Prod, Savaneta, Aruba

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