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Song Terms & Conditions

Welcome to DAMON™! We are excited to work with you on your music project. To ensure a smooth and successful studio session, please note the following terms:

  1. Punctuality for Studio Sessions: Timeliness is crucial. If you arrive late, your session time will be reduced accordingly without compensation. For example, if your session starts at 5:00 PM and you arrive at 5:15 PM, you will lose 15 minutes.

  2. Extension of Studio Sessions: If you require more time beyond your scheduled session, additional fees apply, and the extension is subject to studio availability.

  3. Insufficient Time: If the studio session's time runs out, DAMON™ is not required to give additional time. However, depending on the producer's schedule, the producer may provide up to 15 minutes of additional studio time without compensation. If additional studio time is not given or if the client still does not finish within the extended time, the session will end, and the producer will mix and master the song as is.

  4. Remaining Time: If the client has remaining time, they may use this to re-record or add new vocals later on. Remaining time expires 3 months after the original recording date.

  5. Mixing & Mastering Services: Our studio takes pride in our mixing and mastering expertise. Should you request specific alterations beyond our standard process, a fee of AWG 35 will apply. We welcome your feedback and will consider minor adjustments at our discretion.

  6. Standard Mixing & Mastering: Mixing and mastering are done according to the producer's preference. The producer will consider the client's input but is not required to make all changes unless the mixing and mastering fee is applied. If the producer declines a change, they must specify why. If the artist insists on a change that the producer does not recommend, DAMON™ requires the client to NOT CREDIT the producer as the mixing and mastering engineer.

  7. The Mixing & Mastering Fee: This is a AWG 35 fee incurred for major changes. Major changes include: redoing a vocal mix, changes to three or more busses (even minor ones), changes to the main vocal (e.g., changing a secondary recording to the main vocal), and re-recording parts of a song that has already been fully mixed and mastered if pitch correction or tempo correction is needed. This fee does not apply if the producer made a mistake (e.g., off-key auto-tune setup, arrangement error, EQ mistakes).

  8. Delivery of Mix & Master: The complete mixing and mastering process may take up to 5 days. Delivery can be made via Email, WhatsApp, or Airdrop (client's choice). DAMON™ will provide the MP3 file; the WAV file can be delivered upon request. If the client needs the track outs of the song, DAMON™ will provide these via Email.

  9. Re-recording and Mixing & Mastering Reset: If a song is partially or fully re-recorded, the mixing and mastering process will reset.

  10. Post-Recording Changes: Changes can be made up to 3 months after the recording date without compensation (depending on the changes). After 3 months, the client must pay the producer for their work (see "Studio Time").

  11. File Responsibility: DAMON™ is not responsible if your files are lost or deleted after 3 months. DAMON™ will keep your files for 3 months after the completed mix and master have been delivered. This period resets if changes are made. If a file is corrupted or not found within this period, DAMON™ will provide a new studio session to re-record the song.

  12. Rights and Ownership: The client retains full ownership of all recordings and music created during the studio sessions. DAMON™ reserves the right to use snippets of the recordings for promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed upon.

  13. Confidentiality: DAMON™ will maintain confidentiality regarding all music and information shared during the studio sessions. This includes not disclosing any details to third parties without the client’s permission.

By booking this service, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

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