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Mixing & Mastering Terms & Conditions

Welcome to DAMON®! To ensure a pleasant and efficient experience for all our clients, please adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Pricing Structure: Our fees start at AWG 50 and vary based on the complexity of the project. Detailed pricing will be provided in the invoice.

  2. Revision Window: You have two weeks from the delivery of the finished project to request changes.

  3. Submission of Materials: Please send your beat, vocals, adlibs, etc., in separate files. Do not combine main vocals with adlibs in a single file.

  4. Progress Updates: We will send you rough drafts periodically during the mixing and mastering process.

  5. Reference Tracks: To better understand your vision, please provide some reference tracks.

  6. Advance Payment: Full payment is required in advance for us to begin mixing and mastering your project.

  7. Cancellation Policy: Once we commence the mixing and mastering process, the order cannot be canceled.

  8. Feasibility: If certain requests are not feasible, we will communicate this clearly.

  9. Initial Ideas: Please provide all your ideas and requirements at the start. Requests for changes after the project has been fully mixed and mastered will incur additional charges.

  10. Scope of Service: These terms apply only to clients who have paid for our Mixing & Mastering services. Without this payment, we will proceed with our standard approach to mixing and mastering.


Thank you for reading the Mixing &. Mastering Terms & Conditions. We look forward to bringing your audio vision to life with our expertise.

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