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Custom Beat Terms & Conditions

Welcome to DAMON™! When you order a custom beat from us, please keep in mind the following terms:

  1. Storage of Beats: We securely store all custom beats for 3 months. Post this period, they may be removed from our storage system.

  2. WAV File Requests: Upon request, we can provide the WAV files of your custom beat.

  3. Beat Customization: Please provide clear instructions for your instrumental, including at least two reference tracks. If available, send us pre-recorded vocals for better tailoring.

  4. Progress Updates: We'll send you rough drafts periodically during the beat creation process.

  5. Revision Period: You have two weeks from the delivery of the final beat to request significant changes, like melody, sound selection, drum patterns, basslines, or 808s. Arrangement changes are possible anytime, subject to beat availability in our storage.

  6. Originality Clause: We do not replicate existing beats but create unique compositions for you.

  7. Advance Payment: Full payment is required in advance for us to commence work on your custom beat.

  8. Cancellation Policy: Once we begin creating your beat, the order cannot be canceled.

  9. Licensing: Your custom beat comes with an Exclusive License. Please refer to our Exclusive License terms for details.


By booking this service, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

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