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Studio Terms & Conditions

Welcome to DAMON®! To ensure a pleasant and efficient experience for all our clients, please adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Cleanliness and Food Policy: We welcome you to eat and drink in our studio. However, we ask that you keep the space clean. If a mess is left unattended, a cleaning fee of up to AWG 150 may be charged, and future privileges to eat and drink in the studio could be revoked.

  2. Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the studio. We permit the use of vapes indoors, but any other form of smoking must be done outside.

  3. Alcohol Use: While alcohol consumption is allowed, we expect all clients to behave respectfully towards our staff and other studio users. Inappropriate behavior will lead to a warning. After two warnings, a third instance will result in a ban from the studio.

  4. Drug-Free Environment: The possession or use of illegal drugs in and around the studio premises is strictly forbidden. Violation of this policy will lead to immediate action.

  5. Noise Control During Recording Sessions: Please maintain a quiet environment during recording sessions. This applies to all clients and their guests. Disrupting a session may lead to being asked to leave the studio.


Thank you for understanding and respecting our studio's terms and conditions. We're committed to providing a professional and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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