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Get Your Music Heard – Seamless Distribution to Apple Music, Spotify & More

  • 15 min
  • 20% Royalties
  • Online

Service Description

We offer comprehensive distribution for your music across various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and more. Our fee is a 20% royalty fee*, and we handle all the necessary work for you. Distribution Process: - Submission of Materials: Provide us with your album cover and a WAV file of your song (MP3 is acceptable if WAV is unavailable). Ensure the album cover is at least 3000px by 3000px and at most 6000px by 6000px in dimensions. - Uploading and Royalties: We upload your music via our distributor, Amuse®, and manage your royalties. - Approval Process: We monitor the approval status of your song. - Amuse® Link: Upon approval, you'll receive a Amuse® link, which consolidates all platform links (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc.). - Promotion and Streams: Please note that promotion for streams is your responsibility. We do not assist in this area. - Royalty Collection: Aruban citizens must accumulate a minimum of $50 to withdraw earnings. First-Time Users: New clients will receive an email invitation to create an Amuse® account. After setting up your account, you'll be ready to collect royalties. Following your first release, you will gain access to your Spotify Artist Profile. Disclaimer: Amuse® also charges a small royalty fee if you don't have an Amuse® subscription. Terms & Conditions: The General Terms & Conditions and Distribution Terms & Conditions apply to this service. *Option for Full Royalties: If you prefer to keep 100% of your royalties, a one-time fee of 25 Florin is required.

Cancellation Policy

Notice Period: Clients must provide at least 3 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a recording session without penalty. Late Cancellations: - Clients are allowed one late cancellations without penalty. - All late cancellations after the first will incur a penalty of AWG 10, charged at the next session. No-Shows: - First No-Show: No charge, considered a warning. - Second No-Show: A penalty of AWG 25 will be charged at the next session, unless Damon Illes decides not to charge the fee. - Third No-Show: We will no longer offer our services to the client.

Contact Details

+297 562-0110

DAMON Prod, Savaneta, Aruba

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