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Who are we?

Get to Know Us well... Get to Know Me.

I'm Damon Illes, the creator of DAMON™, my brand and the name of my studio. I do a lot in the music industry: I record artists, create beats, mix and master tracks, design visuals, and distribute music. I handle most aspects of the "Music Industry." But let me share the whole story with you.

I started producing when I was seven, using GarageBand. Before becoming a producer, I was a singer and won several contests. The most notable was "Voz-I-Landia" in 2013, where I took first place at the age of eight.

When I was 11, my dad brought home a computer with Logic Pro X, which I found even more exciting than GarageBand. At 12, I received my first laptop and continued making beats in Logic Pro X. I also experimented with other DAWs like Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, and Pro Tools, but ultimately chose to focus on FL Studio and Logic Pro X. Eager to learn everything about music, I enrolled in several courses.


These are all the courses I attended: 

  • Woke Music Conference

  • Pro Level Beats by Simon Servida

  • Timbaland's MasterClass

  • Questlove's Masterclass

  • Musixmatch Writing course

I've collaborated with various artists, producing numerous tracks.

These are the artists I collaborated with:

  • Jeon

  • Nello

  • Robaloo Frans

  • Ritmo Real

  • B'Jay

  • LilJhonie

  • Rapi

  • Ozin

  • Xuz

  • CloutRich

  • Zyqu

  • Jahmani

  • OGK

  • Big J

I began recording artists in 2017. The first song I recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and released was "Dolor" by Big J, which we recorded in my small home studio. After two years, we started building my professional studio, which opened in February 2021.

We are planning a significant remodel for the studio this year (2024), although we haven't set a specific date yet. We have already started renewing our equipment, upgrading various items such as our microphone, studio monitors, headphones, and other minor gear. We are constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques in our mixes. Recently, we began experimenting with Dolby Atmos, and before offering this to our customers, we aim to perfect it. This is one of the reasons for the remodel, as Dolby Atmos requires specific equipment.

Additionally, we are planning to fully re-acoustify the studio to enhance audio quality. We envision bringing a new atmosphere with a fresh studio design. We are also exploring the potential of AI to enhance our mastering process. If successful, AI could significantly reduce the time required for mixing and mastering.

We hope to have these changes made as soon as possible.

The Story of Damon Illes and DAMON™


Savaneta, Aruba

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